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Welcome to Amaterasu!
Contrary to what many believe, our guild is named after the Sun Goddess in Japanese mythology, not the skill used in Naruto or the wolf in the game Okami (though that wolf is pretty cool).  Our emblem made by the former GM/creator of this guild, TsubameSora, has the character for "kami" or roughly translated "god" to represent this.

Our guild is one of the older guilds in Alethius that has grown over time to house some of the best members of the nation. :)  We're an active, PvP based guild with awesome members who remain in our guild because they want to (a common saying of our guildies is that we don't need any lma buff to be pro ;) ), not because they are here for the buff (believe me, those here for the buff leave the guild as soon as something like...oh, I don't know...the LM position gets ninjaed by a random guild *coughs* CottenPickers *coughs* and we lose our buff for a week).  Because of this, our guild has a strong core that helps make us one of the stronger guilds in the nation. :)

Currently, we are an archon guild in the LMA lead either by Yanagi (cleric archon ftw--yes, I'm biased) or xMrRogerSx.  We're always looking for new members (currently we are recruiting lvl 50+ members) to come join us. :)

I think that's all for now.  Once again, Welcome to Amaterasu!

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Please take some time to post your thoughts...

Natsukami, Mar 2, 11 10:28 AM.
...on this topic

Basically I'm looking for suggestions on potential improvements to make our guild more fun/interesting etc. and would appreciate any feedback you guys can offer. :)

Thanks in advance!


OMG the GM Keeps Switching!

Natsukami, Feb 10, 11 2:08 AM.
Hi All,

For those of you that have noticed, we've been switching the guild master title between myself and Rogers.  This is basically for the Archon/red chat in case anyone was wondering. :)

Yeah...that's it.


OMG more people need to use the website!

Natsukami, Jan 26, 11 11:36 AM.

Anyway, I'd like people to read this post :D

Let me know what you think. ^^


What we need from you...

Natsukami, Sep 16, 10 10:50 AM.
To both new and old guildies, we need you to REGISTER on this site so you are able to view/comment on important topics we post in the forums.  We want input from everyone--this is OUR guild and decisions concerning our guild should be made by the guild as a whole. :)
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